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Rollators & Walkers

Durable, strong, versatile and ergonomic.
Using the state of the art technology to build state of the art mobility aids.

View our collection of mobility aids designed to be the strongest and most stable of all the center folding walkers on the market today.

Trillium Series

Easy to maintain, the Trillium walker features a cable-free braking system and effortless handle height adjustment.

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Xpresso Zero Series

Cable-free brakes and effortless handle height adjustment make the Xpresso Walker easy to maintain. For optimal comfort, the Xpresso Zero includes a padded seat cushion and extra-wide backrest. Available in 10 vibrant colours to choose from.

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Xpresso Lite CF Series

With cable-free brakes, a center folding seat and durable folding basket, the Xpresso Lite is compact and easy to fold, store and transport.

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Evolution Series

The unmatched stability of the Evolution Series makes it the therapist’s choice for users with conditions such as Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, arthritis, and stroke-related conditions. Well-suited to heavier individuals (400 lbs maximum) and users with a wide gait, the Evolution Walker includes the largest basket available anywhere.

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Knee Caddy Series

Wide-diameter curved steel tubing provides superior stability. Dual rear brake pads actuated by a single brake lever allow for quick and reliable braking.

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Piper Series

The Piper is the strongest aluminium walker on the market with a short wheelbase and narrow frame for easy manoeuvrability.

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Sierra Air Series

Fitted with 8” PU wheels and a standard braking system. Center-folding design allows for easy and space-saving storage.

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Sprite Series

Suitable for indoor and occasional outdoor use, the Sprite is a lightweight full-size walker that comes with a fork braking system and 6” wheels.

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Transport Chair Series

The center-folding design and folding footrest allow for easy storage. The backrest swings back for use as a wheelchair and forward for use as a walker.

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Xpresso Lite Series

Features include cable brakes, soft padded seats, and featherweight tires.

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With cable-free brakes, a center folding seat, durable folding basket, the Xpresso folds easily and compact.

Xpresso Series

With cable-free brakes, a center folding seat, durable folding basket, the Xpresso folds easily and compactly.

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Xpresso Tacoma Series

The center-folding design makes it easy to transport and store the Xpresso Tacoma Walker. The cable-free braking system is safer — there are no cables to get caught on anything. Adjusting the height of the handles is effortless and the Xpresso Tacoma is easy to maintain.

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Xpresso Wide Series

With 16 North American patents, the Xpresso Wide’s unique features offer maximum stability and durability.

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“It has really made my life easy and more enjoyable. Most stable and strongest among those which I have used earlier.”

“I cannot say enough good things about this walker”

“the best compromise between price and value without sacrificing safety that I needed”

“This rollator is so incredibly well built. It rivals anything else out there on the market”