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From humble beginnings as a tiny workplace with three people, we now have more than one hundred employees in Canada, the USA and Japan. We are a Canadian company, locally owned and operated, with two design and manufacturing facilities and five customer service and sales locations.

We are committed to broadening our support for people with mobility impairments by continuing to refine the design of our products, increase our product range and expand our customer base.


Innovation & Design

Many of us will experience some form of mobility impairment during our lifetime, and Evolution is committed to helping us stay active and retain our autonomy by creating innovative products designed to meet the ever increasing demand for mobility aids. By continuing to develop our line of mobility aids and expand our product range, we will broaden our customer base and expand our capacity to fulfill more of the ever-evolving needs of mobility impaired people in Canada and around the world.

Evolution Technologies is a pioneer in design innovation, and our design team is always discovering new ways to improve our products. We are at the forefront of research and development in the mobility aid industry with multiple patents that attest to the ingenuity of our gifted design experts. Based on feedback from our customers and input from medical practitioners and caregivers, we are continually refining our products and updating our catalogue. Over the past 25 years we have developed a broad range of products that complement the unique and varied lifestyles of our customers.

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