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Technological advancement is just one of the reasons why the variety of mobility aid products continues to grow like never before. Specialized add-on features have given consumers even more choice.

While more choice is good, there are currently hundreds of different walkers on the market and a seemingly infinite variety of options available to choose from. Selecting the mobility aid that is right for you can feel like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack.

To discuss ways to make it easier to select mobility equipment, Evolution Technologies consulted with a well-known Occupational Therapist, Sheila Buck, B.Sc. (OT), Reg. (Ont.).

Sheila noted the desire among many medical practitioners to know more about the variety of mobility aids available for their patients. She also expressed frustration at not having the time to thoroughly research and investigate the multitude of products available.

Seminars focused on educating healthcare practitioners about advancements in mobility aid technology

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Evolution Technologies suggested sponsoring a series of seminars focused on educating healthcare practitioners about advancements in mobility aid technology and methods of prescribing a walker that best meets the needs the patient. Sheila agreed to design a formal clinical educational seminar and facilitate it.

Evolution conducted its first national educational seminar series on wheeled walkers in the spring and fall of 2007. We held 24 seminars across Canada designed to enhance the knowledge of occupational therapists and physiotherapists seeking more information on mobility aids and how to select one with so many choices available. Hundreds of medical practitioners have attended so far, and Sheila has received tremendous support and accolades from health practitioners across the country.

Given the overwhelming success of this program, Evolution Technologies aims to offer ongoing walker education seminars for healthcare practitioners.


Thank you for your interest. If you would like to register for upcoming seminars and/ or be notified when new events are offered, please call 1-800-556-2558, email seminars@evolution.ca or complete the form below.

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